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My rating: 8

Your daughter is walking home from school. All of a sudden, a van stops next to her and takes her in. The demands are given and you are to meet at a mansion with a lot of money. But it’s not just about the money, as you’ll soon find out.

This is a “Choose your own adventure” from Blue Orange, but instead of a book, it’s a comic.

My First Stone Age

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My rating: 7

First one to build three huts is the winner! No, seriously, that’s the goal. However, there is no speed element here, only memory. That’s right, you need to activate those brain cells of yours and adapt to the changing scenery. Hey, I guess that’s kind of thematic. Here’s the children’s version of Stone Age, from Z-Man Games.

Cave Troll

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My rating: 7

“They have a cave troll!” – Boromir

And yet, here we are, playing as the troll. And heroes. And monsters. We play all the stuff. Checking out this reprinted game (originally from 2002) from Fantasy Flight Games by Tom Jolly.

Review of SPIEL 2016 in Essen

SPIEL 2016 is over and I had a ton of fun. The fair was a complete success, but after the fact I’m dead tired. In this video, I’m going to show you, with the help of my friend Terje, what the fair is all about. After that, the two of us go through our top 10 most anticipated games to try when we get home.

But wait, there’s more! I also had a small interview with iELLO Games and Stronghold Games. Check’em out. I have more coming up from Blackrock Games and Aporta Games, so stay tuned.

Don’t mind the thumbnail, the video is entirely in English 🙂


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My rating: 8.5

Here’s a game that goes in real time, but still keeps the numbers of actions the same for all players, even though no one is waiting for turns. That’s quite nice, and utilizes no less than 8 sand timers to function.

This game is by Tobias Stapelfeldt and from Stronghold Games, or Eggerspiele and Pegasus Spiele in parts of Europe.