Boardgame Glossary

Hello my friends, I’m Professor Hans Von Puppet and today we’ll take a look at a euro-inspired area enclosure worker placement bluffing game which is heavy on downtime but still gateway-ish and fiddly, with an expansion that adds a chinese auction rondell system combined with hidden role selection cards that encourages turtling.

Wow! That was confusing. In March 2016 I started a series to help clarify some of these terms. All episodes are premiering at The Dice Tower Breakfast show which releases every monday on their Youtube channel.

Area Control 21.03.16
Bluffing 18.04.16
Cards and Decks 31.07.17
Deck Building 29.01.16
Drafting 03.05.16
Meeple 08.09.16
Press / Push Your Luck 14.09.16
Worker Placement 14.01.16

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