Black Orchestra (2016) by Game Salute

  • 1-5
  • 75m

My rating: 5

Nazi germany, World War II. Even though the country is united against the world, there are those inside who are not pleased with the direction the country has taken and wants to eliminate Hitler from power. Can you manage to do what history failed?

Arkham Horror: The Card Game (LCG)

  • 1-2
  • 120m

My rating: 9

Stranger things are occuring in Arkham. Disappearances, reports of strange noises and creatures in the night and it’s up to you and your investigative team to find out what’s going on. This game from Fantasy Flight Games takes you into a mystery in the universe of H. P. Lovercraft.


  • 1-1
  • -

My rating: 8

Your daughter is walking home from school. All of a sudden, a van stops next to her and takes her in. The demands are given and you are to meet at a mansion with a lot of money. But it’s not just about the money, as you’ll soon find out.

This is a “Choose your own adventure” from Blue Orange, but instead of a book, it’s a comic.