• 1-5
  • 120m

My rating: 9

A gritty, dystopian economic game set in a nation on the brink of ruin. Tough decisions & premium components in a dieselpunk setting. I’m checking out this game from Ludi Creations. Can you save the nation? How much are you willing to sacrifice, if any at all?

Vikings: The Board Game

  • 2-5
  • 120m

My rating: 7.5

Vikings Board Game

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While some vikings goes on the same missions and get a sparse amount of loot, you choose another path. On that path, you will encounter a lot of danger, but also great riches or new and exciting goods to bring home. We enter the world of Ragnar Lothbrok from the popular TV-series Vikings, and compete to be the best Viking around in this game from Catalyst Game Labs.